Turbomachinery and Propeller

Our Services

  • CFD-based simulation of propellers
    • single operation points and characteristic curves
    • with and without cavitation
    • propulsion analysis
    • bow thruster performance prediction
  • special expertise on rim driven thrusters
  • design and analysis of pumps
  • analysis of compressors and turbines

Turbomachinery and Propellers


We conduct basic performance analysis and design of turbomachinery using state-of-the-art CFD methods. The entire analysis workflow is fully automated in the Insight CAE framework using only open-source software. This enables very short turnaround times and easy integration into automatic optimization frameworks.


ducted propeller cfd simulation
marine propeller cavition cfd simulation

Cavitation is limiting phenomenon for turbomachinery operating in  liquids. For prediction of cavitation onset and its impact on machine performance, numerical CFD simulation is the most sophisticated option.


After determination of a propeller open water curve using CFD or any other computational method, further analysis, e.g. propulsion analysis, is required to predict the propulsor performance for a given vessel. We have created analysis software solutions for a seamless integration in the design process, relying solely on open-source software.


characteristic chart propulsion analysis
propeller elastic deformation fem

Propellers with blades made of fibre composite materials (e.g. CFRP or GFRP) are flexible. The deformation of the blades under operating load must be taken into account during design. We have developed a software solution to perform the necessary CFD simulations with fluid-structure coupling using OpenFOAM and Code_Aster.