Thermal sea water simulation (CFD)


  • Thermal three-dimensional flow simulation for the energetic use of water bodies
  • Preparation of expert opinions for water withdrawal and water return in the present water body for approval (lower water authority)
  • Comparison of scenarios for cooling and heating operation
  • Temporal and spatial representation of the areas of influence in the water and ground
  • Analysis of the thermoclines due to the energetic use
  • Analysis of the flow profiles to avoid short-circuits of inflow and return flow
  • Analysis of the induced upwelling flows
  • Analysis of the heat and pressure losses of the inflow and outflow
  • Design of diffusers to reduce intake velocities
  • Determination of fish protection measures for the intake facilities
  • Assessment of technical and economic feasibility
  • Influence on the use of drinking water
  • Support in the approval process with the responsible authorities


  • Customized and cost-effective simulations based on OpenFOAM with our InsightCAE software package (web interface, automated computational workflows)
  • Enormous HPC resources ensure the reliability of the simulation
  • Over 10 years of experience in the use of simulation software for thermal flow simulations


Harbor basin simulation

Use of a harbor basin for cooling and heating of office buildings.

  • Thermal simulation to determine the temperature influence
  • Design of supply and discharge lines at the quay to avoid short circuits
  • Variation of the number of inlets and outlets to avoid large flow velocities
  • Dimensioning of the intake boxes to avoid fish entrapment
  • Biological compatibility

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Thermal lake simulations

Thermal flow simulation for sea energy planning

  • Marine waters offer a huge energy reservoir that can be efficiently used ecologically and economically
  • Flow simulations provide a basis for planning around framework conditions and requirements for sustainable thermal use
  • Clarification of the expected thermal and fluid mechanical conditions in the water body for authorities / planners / energy suppliers
  • Digitization of depth maps into a 3D model
  • Simulation shows the temperature stratification with supply and return for heating and cooling operation
  • Temporal resolution of temperature variations in the water body
    Determination of the areas of influence with variation of inflow and return geometry

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Simulation geothermal energy

Simulation of flow conditions / temperature distribution in the pipe with

  • Variation of inflows and outflows
  • Variation of volume flows
  • Summer / winter operation
  • Determination of the eneregtic efficiency
  • Avoidance of short circuits


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free design software insight cae

CFD method development

Thermal flow simulations of customer specific tasks are performed with the opensource software OpenFoam. For the independent execution of the simulations our software InsightCAE offers a fast and automated pre- and post-processing for a robust simulation. Installation of the software InsightCAE incl. OpenFOAM on Windows and Linux computers, implementation of software add-ons, provision of computing power

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