Marine Hydrodynamics

Our Services

We have experience with these fields of marine hydrodynamics:

  • CFD-based simulation of ship resistance
    • for displacement and planing vessels
    • hydrofoils
    • modelling of propulsors (propeller, water jets)
  • potential-flow based seakeeping analysis
  • wind comfort and superstructure aerodynamics
  • and many more on demand.

Ship Hydrodynamics

Your Advantages

Employing CFD simulations for marine hydrodynamics investigations has a number of advantages:

  • reduce the number of model tests to a minimum
  • speed up turn-around times between design changes
  • reduce uncertainty of model scale effects

Speed and quality of numerical simulations has raised significantly over the last years. Additionally, open source CFD codes like OpenFOAM have emerged, which have the capability to significantly reduce costs. We have added user comfort to make CFD simulation reachable, even for unexperienced users.



Using our Insight CAE analysis automation framework, we provide a fully automated ship resistance computation using only open source CFD software. This not only avoids any expenses for software licenses but also enables users with little special knowledge to conduct the rather complicated CFD analyses, thanks to the automation.

See a demonstration video on YouTube.


high speed catamaran cfd

Simulation of high speed planing vessels is challenging with VOF methods. That is because several numerical problems raise at high speeds. We have implemented solutions for these and are able to deliver reliable results in short time at low cost.


Seakeeping analysis are usually carried out using potential codes. It involves the computation of Response Amplitude operators (RAOs) for all degrees of freedom. From these RAOs, accelerations, velocities, motion sickness incidence and further characteristic values are computed at different locations of interest.

Simulations are carried out using open-source tools PDstrip or NEMOH. The required input is compatible with the input for ship resistance analysis.


seakeeping rao comparison pdstrip ansys aqwa

Virtual Towing Tank – we perform hydrodynamic analyses of ship hulls as a service. Please see our price list for the cost of this service.