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InsightCAE - The Idea

In order to use open source software productive and efficient for everyday tasks, the analysis automation framework Insight CAE is provided by silentdynamics.

Insight CAE serves as a framework for the implementation of analysis procedures. The objective is to provide interfaces to the tools and simulation programs that are needed for a specific computing task.

  • Client customized CFD/FEM workflow's
  • No license costs, benefit for many users and parallel processing
  • For Windows / Linux systems
  • HPC / Cloud support

Our additional services:

Individual open source projects often meet only subtasks in analysis process. To automate repetitive computational tasks, a combination of several open source engineering software tools is often required.

  • Common practice in numerical simulations is a manual workflow

    InsightCAE provides tools to automate simulation workflows:
  • A best practice can be stored for reoccurring tasks
  • The user only needs to provide a minimum number of parameters
  • A graphical user interface (GUI) is provided to edit parameters and see the workflow documentation

We use these open source engineering programs:


OpenFOAM the most comprehensive free computational fluid dynamics program that is currently available.

It has all the features that are necessary for a successful application of computational fluid dynamics. On top of that the source code is completely open and it is entirely free of charge. In conjunction with the good parallel scalability, this opens up great potential for increasing productivity and design safety with simultaneous cost reduction.

The focus of OpenFOAM is on computational fluid dynamics. But through the open and modular architecture, the software is also ideal for solving other tasks, such as calculation of electric and magnetic fields. In particular, highly customized solutions can be developed excellently by the limitless customization possibilities of an open source software.


Code_Aster is the structural analysis program of Électricité de France (EDF). Since 2001, it is available under GPL license for free software.

Compared with other free FEM programs, Code_Aster stands out with its pretty complete functionality. In addition to the numerical solver which works both in serial and parallelized, there is the pre- and postprocessing Workbench "Salome" for editing, meshing and visualizing the models and results.

Since Code_Aster is developed and used for the calculation of nuclear reactors, the code is subject to a comprehensive quality control, which is another unique property.

The special software architecture of Code_Aster enables extensive automation of all calculation processes

Please see our presentation for more details:


Please find the installation instructions in the InsightCAE manual in section "Obtaining InsightCAE".


Please follow this link to view the documentation.

InsightCAE comprises multiple components. Additional informations for a number of components can be found here:


ISCAD is a script-based CAD program. Features include:

  • based on OpenCASCADE, import of IGES, STEP, BREP
  • fully parametric parts, constraint-based sketches (through FreeCAD), assemblies, part library, drawing export (DXF)
  • entity selection by filtering commands
  • embedded meshing through gmsh and snappyHexMesh

See the User Guide for more informations.


Case builder is an interactive tool to build OpenFOAM cases from feature elements.

See the Tutorial for more informations.

Video Tutorials

Our Services

We implement automated analyses according to your needs and specifications, e.g. by creating new specialized modules for InsightCAE.

This will

  • speed up your routine work
  • reduce human errors
  • make complicated analyses accessible to inexperienced users


Some examples of workflows which we created for our customers: