InsightCAE Documentation

Structure of the Project

The InsightCAE builds on top of available open-source engineering analysis tools (though closed-source tools could be used as well). The most used tool by far is the CFD software OpenFOAM.

For certain tasks, custom extensions to these tools are required. InsightCAE contains a selection of extensions, which are included in the distribution packages, when these are created.

The core of the project is the toolkit library. It contains the implementation of core classes in workflow management as the parameter set storage and tools and result set storage classes and handling tools. The toolkit library also maintains a list of available analysis modules, which is dynamically extensible by loadable add-ons.

Finally, on top of the toolkit library, custom analysis modules can be created. The InsightCAE base distribution contains a number of generic analysis modules as the "Numerical Wind Tunnel" module and some generic test case analyses like flat plate, channel flow, pipe flow and so on. These might serve as examples for custom implementations.

InsightCAE structure

Terms and Defintions

Analysis Module

InsightCAE bundles tools to create automated simulation procedures. These procedures can be written in Python or C++. The term analysis module is used for such a procedure.

Parameter Set

These modules need input data, i.e. parameters. All parameters for a module are grouped together in a parameter set. Parameter sets are stored in XML files in human readable format (extension *.ist). They can also be edited in a GUI editor (application workbench)